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The Music of Choro Bandido

We started out playing Choro which Brazilians describe as a quintessentially Brazilian Music. It blends African rhythms with European melodic influences and is often referred to as Brazil's answer to Ragtime. The basis of our band is a traditional Choro line-up of 7-string guitar, cavaquinho (the one that looks like a ukulele) and pandiero (the one that looks like a tambourine). The melody is carried by the violin which replaces the more traditional flute or mandolin. With this line-up and including the beautiful vocals of Kay, we have been able to branch out into related regional styles as well as other forms of Latin influenced music from South America and beyond.

Choro Bandido would love to perform at your event; here are some samples of their music to whet your appetite:

A taste of Choro Bandido (audio only)

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