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The members of Choro Bandido

Alison Alison

Classically trained violinist Alison has also been heavily involved in folk music and now enjoys the joyous melodies of Choro. As well as playing violin, a relatively unusual instrument in the Choro genre, she also entertains audiences with her curious looking Strohviol. Come and see us for a peek at this fascinating instrument.
Brian Brian

Brian is a gypsy-jazz fanatic, whose wealth of experience as a full time musician and teacher have included recording with Peter Green and Dr John. He is now immersed in the wonderful world of the seventh string; his mellifluous chords and intertwining bass lines provide the foundation of the band's sound, although he's not averse to the odd solo either......
Dave Dave

Multi-instrumentalist Dave has a wide experience performing with a number of bands and covering many styles. Having spent a number of years honing his skills as a sambista, including notably establishing a bateria on a base camp in Antarctica and now as Director of Bloco do Sul, he quickly turned his talents to learning the Cavaquinho in order to join Choro Bandido, allowing him to get his teeth into yet another Brazilian genre and add another instrument to those of keyboard, violin, bass and percussion.
Kay Kay

The newest member of the band, Kay joined to explore and develop the wealth of vocal repertoire associated with the genre. Drawing on many years experience singing a number of styles, Kay is embracing the world of choro percussion and relishing the challenge of mastering a number of languages. So far the band have made her sing in Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish....what will be next?